The untold truth of Domino

The untold truth of Domino Marvel Entertainment With much of the Deadpool 2hype surrounding the titular character’s “odd couple” comrade Cable and his debut, the fact that the film will also see the debut of another Marvel mutant mercenary, Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, has almost been completely overshadowed. A longtime ally of Cable and […]

James Bond director Lewis Gilbert dead at 97

James Bond director Lewis Gilbert dead at 97 IMDB Lewis Gilbert, the Oscar-nominated British film director who helmed three of the most successful James Bond movies, has died. He was 97. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gilbert began his career as a child actor in the ’20s and ’30s and he had an uncredited role […]

There’s a Silver Surfer movie in the works

There’s a Silver Surfer movie in the works The Silver Surfer may soon be back on the silver screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox is developing a large batch of Marvel projects that includes a secret movie centered on Silver Surfer. Acclaimed comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, […]

American’s anger addiction and other comments

From the left: ‘Objective’ Media Was the Exception Lee Drutman at The New Republic takes a look at a Knight Foundation survey on the press, implicit in which “was the assumption that journalism should be objective and nonpartisan — and that the current state of affairs is unusual because it lacks both qualities.” But Drutman […]

The right compromise to save the Dreamers

Kudos to Sen. Jeff Flake for pushing a minimalist immigration compromise that takes care of the most urgent issues. Let’s hope Congress can manage enough of a break from partisan warring to pass it. The Arizona Republican this week will introduce a bill to set up a legal three-year extension of President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional […]

New York’s ticking pension bomb

Don’t hate retired sanitation worker Eugene Egan for his city pension of more than twice the $128,189 top salary he earned in 2015, his last year on the job; blame the politicians who created a system that saddles taxpayers with a ticking pension time bomb. see also This retired sanitation worker makes $285K a year […]

Cuomo’s denial on NY’s awful taxes

Yet another report — this one from the news site 24/7 Wall Street — confirms New York’s sad status as the highest-taxing state in America. Naturally, Gov. Cuomo continues to deny the ugly reality. The study found that Empire State taxes amount to 12.7 percent of total salaries, which reflects its income taxes (second highest […]