Warren representing herself as Native American is quite a stretch

The DNA test that “vindicates” Elizabeth Warren doesn’t come close to justifying the way she used her claim of Native American identity throughout her legal career. The most generous interpretation of the test shows that one of Warren’s great-great-great-great-grandparents was a Native American. That would make her mother a possibly 1/32nd Native American (and Warren […]

Trump is totally right about the dangers of Medicare for All

Sen. Bernie Sanders says that because Medicare is “the most popular, successful and cost-effective health insurance in the country” everyone should have it, regardless of age. But watch out for the bait and switch. Truth is, Sanders’ Medicare for All legislation actually abolishes Medicare and Medicare Advantage, as well as employer-provided coverage, union plans and […]

Punish the Saudis — but not by rewarding Iran

President Trump is facing his trickiest diplomatic dilemma to date: how to punish a wayward ally, Saudi Arabia, without strengthening its regional foes — particularly US enemies, like Iran. This is a far bigger issue than, say, Trump’s crude tweets or past real-estate deals between him and the Saudis. Decent people everywhere are appalled at […]

One-party rule has left New York in a sorry state

When it comes to businesses, the impacts of monopolies are well documented. Lacking any of the benefits that flow from competition, customers can count on paying higher prices for the privilege of getting inferior service. Alas, the same is true of government. New Yorkers know too well that a political monopoly — one-party rule — […]