A Brooklyn principal shares a depressing truth

A Brooklyn middle-school principal just made a rare admission: Her school is moving kids up a grade without the necessary preparation. As The Post reported this week, IS 171’s Indira Mota told parents that the school had promoted their sixth-graders without the need for summer school, even though it would’ve been required “if the budget […]

Lashing out over Trump is nothing new for liberals

A headline on a story about escalating liberal outrage toward President Trump and his team wondered whether the resistance movement had veered off the “high road.” Veered off? When was it ever on the high road? Certainly not when congressional Democrats boycotted Trump’s inauguration. And certainly not when, soon after the election, Dems tried to […]

Sony gets rights to Prince music

Sony Music Entertainment has inked a deal to distribute 35 previously released Prince albums, the label and the late musician’s estate said Wednesday. Terms of the deal, coming 26 months after Prince’s death, were not disclosed — but sources pegged its value at $20 million to $30 million. The Sony deal does not include “Purple […]

‘Endeavour’ is a worthy prequel to ‘Inspector Morse’

Share this: Facebook Twitter Google Facebook Messenger WhatsApp Email Copy The British mystery series “Inspector Morse” (1987-2000) proved such a popular mainstay that a prequel called “Endeavour” (after Morse’s rarely mentioned Christian name) was created in 2012. Shaun Evans plays Morse (immortalized by John Thaw in the original show) in his formative years after he […]