Serena Williams just dropped a sexy fashion line

Click through for highlights from Serena Williams’ first fashion line. Getty Images Anorak, $215; Logo Bra, $45; Logo Undie, $40. Serena Williams Chain Strap Denim Dress, $205. Serena Williams Pencil Skirt, $88. Serena Williams Ad Up Next Couple swindled $1.4M from Sandy victims, gambled away stolen cash A New Jersey couple admitted to stealing more […]

This ridiculous Balenciaga shirt will set you back $1,290

Balenciaga, the storied European fashion house that gave us $850 platform Crocs, dorky dad sneakers and a $2,200 version of Ikea’s 99-cent blue plastic “Frakta” tote, is at it again. Introducing the $1,290 “T-Shirt Shirt,” which is causing a stir on social media. As the name suggests, this casual topper is essentially a T-shirt with […]

Top 10 Most Addictive Foods

Top 10 Most Addictive Foods With estimates that approximately 75 percent of Americans will be overweight or obese by 2020, one likely cause of this rampant obesity is rising food addiction. Emerging scientific studies have shown, that certain foods and beverages, or even images of certain foods, can elicit changes in the brain that resemble […]

Things you should never do in a drive-thru

Things you should never do in a drive-thru Shutterstock ByAndrea Romano Hunger always seems to strike at the most inconvenient times. It can be late at night while you’re partying with your friends, during a work meeting, or while you’ve got a gaggle of energetic kids in your car — and they all want to […]

Costco hacks you need to know

Costco hacks you need to know Getty Images ByJoanna Fantozzi We’re all familiar with the hilarious image of the Costco bulk shopper who walks out of the store with multiple 48-packs of toilet paper and economy-sized vats of ketchup. But whether you’re a wholesale expert or a Costco novice who’s just there for the free […]

Alcohols you should just drink straight

Alcohols you should just drink straight ByKat Lapelosa Staring at the shelves of a local liquor store can be an intimidating experience — whether it’s picking out the perfect birthday gift for a liquor connoisseur, or expanding an alcohol repertoire previously reliant on whatever cheap liquor shaped your college experience. Knowing what brands serve up […]