ARM Needs a Village to Raise Its Fanciful, Always-Connected Laptop

Here’s an enticing prospect: a device that adds smartphone-like wireless connectivity to long battery life, a brilliant 4K touch screen, and everything else you’ll find in today’s best ultraportable laptops and tablets. Despite intriguing efforts from Microsoft and its partners over the past few months, such a powerful, always-connected laptop doesn’t really exist yet. But […]

MoviePass to Limit Your Film Options to Six Per Day

MoviePass’s latest change is another downer. Going forward, you’ll only be able to use the service on a tight selection of six films, which will change from day to day. That means you’ll have to regularly check MoviePass’s website to see what films you can watch for free and when. The lineups will supposedly feature […]

Phones turn bedrooms into a no-sex zone

Share this: Facebook Twitter Google Facebook Messenger WhatsApp Email Copy Nearly three-quarters of Americans who live with their spouse or partner bring their mobile phone to bed with them. And it’s taking a toll on relationships. A new study examined what couples really are up to in the bedroom and found that Americans who bring […]