Logitech Buys Blue Microphones

Logitech is a company all about peripherals and accessories for your computer, and this week the range of product categories it covers expanded through the acquisition of Blue Microphones. If you haven’t heard of Blue, chances are you’ve heard audio recorded through the company’s microphones in YouTube videos or podcasts. It’s also impossible not to […]

Americans Spend Over 11 Hours Per Day Consuming Media

We’re all spending progressively more time staring at our screens. According to Nielsen’s Q1 2018 Total Audience Report, the average US adult now spends upwards of 11 hours per day connected to linear and digital media across all devices and platforms. The report found that overall time spent has jumped significantly in the past year […]

Uber Ends Development of Self-Driving Trucks For Now

Uber hasn’t given up on developing self-driving cars. But on Monday, the company announced it had put the brakes on autonomous commercial trucks. “We’ve decided to stop development on our self-driving truck program and move forward exclusively with cars,” said Eric Meyhofer, head of Uber’s advanced technologies group in a statement on Monday. The change, […]

These apps will de-stress your office life

None of us ever have enough time to get everything done. Heading to work five days a week is already an ask and that’s before you factor in making time for healthy meal prep, getting to the gym, seeing friends and getting eight hours of beauty sleep a night. To help you manage the chaos, […]