Uber Health Lets Doctor’s Offices Order Patients a Ride

Have a doctor’s appointment on your calendar but no way to get there? Uber just launched a new service that may solve that problem. Dubbed Uber Health, the service lets healthcare professionals order their patients a ride. More than 100 US healthcare organizations – “including hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, senior care facilities, home care centers, […]

Famed security firm claims it can hack any iPhone

A few years ago, Apple found itself embroiled in a bitter standoff with the FBI following a terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, California. In the aftermath of the attack, you might recall that law enforcement authorities came upon an iPhone 5c owned by one of the shooters. The iPhone, however, was secured by a passcode […]

Ford to test self-driving pizza delivery with Domino’s

Ford and Dominos are jumping on the autonomously-piloted bandwagon with a new pilot project, which should eventually see a fleet of robotic cars roaming the streets of Miami, two large Meat Feasts in tow. Ford’s self-driving experiments in Miami are taking a different approach to most other companies. Rather than focusing on just the self-driving […]

The moon is about to get cell service

BARCELONA – The moon will get its first mobile phone network next year, enabling high-definition streaming from the lunar landscape back to earth, part of a project to back the first privately funded moon mission. Vodafone Germany, network equipment maker Nokia and carmaker Audi said on Tuesday they were working together to support the mission, […]

Fitbit says new smartwatch isn’t selling, shares plunge

Fitbit’s shares fell 14 percent in early trading on Tuesday after the company said its newly launched smartwatch was not selling as expected, raising concerns about the company’s ability to become profitable again in the near term. The wearable device maker on Monday posted its fifth straight quarter of loss, gave a disappointing forecast for […]