China to start recruiting civilian astronauts

BEIJING — China will begin recruiting civilian astronauts for its military-backed space program and plans to increase the number of crewed missions to around two a year, a top official with the country’s space program said. China’s third batch of astronaut trainees will include recruits from industry, research institutions and universities who will help build […]

Coolpad on Wearables: Not Dead Yet

BARCELONA—Wearables aren’t exactly a hot commodity in the US right now, especially when it comes to Android devices. Despite a profusion of smartwatches and fitness trackers, only a handful of devices can be considered successful (RIP Pebble and Jawbone). But Chinese smartphone makerCoolpad, which just teamed up with Qualcomm for the new Snapdragon Wear platform, […]

$2 Million Worth of PCs Stolen for Bitcoin Mining

Thieves stole about 600 computers from data centers in Iceland, with the goal of using them to mine cryptocurrencies. The computers are worth about $2 million; none have been found, but police have arrested 11 suspects, including a security guard, according to the Associated Press. The burglaries took place in December and January. “This is […]

Spotify: Using a Hacked App Could Get You Banned

Using an unofficial Spotify app to get premium perks without paying for them? You could soon lose your ability to listen to the service at all. According to TorrentFreak, Spotify, which is preparing to go public this spring, is cracking down on users of “hacked apps that remove some of the restrictions placed on free […]

Stanford Students to Apple: the iPhone Is Too Addictive

A group of Stanford University student protestors are urging Apple to do more to curb iPhone addiction. As the school’s student-run newspaper The Stanford Daily reports, the group—Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices—held a protest at the Palo Alto, Calif. Apple Store over the weekend demanding the Cupertino tech giant take iPhone addiction seriously. “iPhones are […]

Reddit Removes Accounts Tied to Russian Propaganda

Facebook and Twitter haven’t been the only platforms fighting Russian propaganda. Reddit has been cracking down too. On Monday, Reddit’s CEO said that the company had shut down a “few hundred accounts” linked with Russian propaganda efforts. However, the company warned that the battle against state-sponsored misinformation was no black and white affair. “I wish […]

A Bug Is Making Your Switch Forgetful

The Nintendo Switch is one year old and nobody could have predicted just how successful it would be this early in its life cycle. But while remaining extremely popular, the Switch isn’t without its bugs. In August last year a battery indicator problem took hours to fix, now the Switch has started forgetting how long […]