Fitbit says new smartwatch isn’t selling, shares plunge

Fitbit’s shares fell 14 percent in early trading on Tuesday after the company said its newly launched smartwatch was not selling as expected, raising concerns about the company’s ability to become profitable again in the near term. The wearable device maker on Monday posted its fifth straight quarter of loss, gave a disappointing forecast for […]

PureLiFi Demos Skype Call Over Light-Based ‘LiFi’

BARCELONA—PCMag witnessed a small footnote in telecom history this week at Mobile World Congress: the first Skype call over a light fidelity (LiFi) connection. The call was made using an old Samsung Galaxy S5 housed in a custom-built case that was adapted to fit a modified LiFi-XC dongle. The demo was made possible by modifying […]

Russian-Linked Hackers Target Foreign Ministries

A group of hackers behind the Democratic National Committee breach may have a new target: foreign ministries across the world. On Wednesday, the security firm Palo Alto Networks said it sourced the hacking attempts to Fancy Bear, a shadowy group that’s widely believed to work for the Russian government. The group —which also goes by […]

Jeff Zucker joins fight to monetize mobile journalism

CNN President Jeff Zucker has joined the chorus asking tech and ad firms to help monetize news on mobile platforms. “Otherwise, good journalism will go away,” Zucker said at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona on Monday. The CNN boss also called current US antitrust efforts misdirected. “Everyone is looking at whether these combinations […]

Popular ‘slow dating’ app debuts in the US

Share this: Facebook Twitter Google Facebook Messenger WhatsApp Email Copy For daters tired of giving their lives to Tinder swipes, Europe’s “slow dating” app makes its US debut on Tuesday. The 4-year-old app — named “Once” for the number of daily matches it delivers each user — already ranks No. 1 in downloads from Google […]

Bill Gates Is Not a Fan of Cryptocurrencies

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is no fan of cryptocurrencies, which he says have become a vehicle for crime, and in some cases can result in people’s deaths. During a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, Gates said the anonymity of the web means cryptocurrencies can mask money transactions. “I don’t think this is a good thing,” he […]