Facebook Is Still Serious About Connecting the World

BARCELONA—Facebook has spent the last several years experimenting with myriad ways to bring internet connectivity to the world, from dense urban centers to remote corners of the globe. It has laid down undersea cables and launched internet planes and drones, but Facebook’s most successful efforts have come through infrastructure partnerships and developing its own next-gen […]

Apple Confirms it Uses Google Cloud for iCloud

Do you have your contacts, photos, and other data data stored in Apple’s iCloud? Your encrypted files may actually be residing in Google’s cloud. As CNBC reports, the latest version of Apple’s iOS Security Guide, released last month, indicates that the Cupertino tech giant is now using Google’s Cloud Platform, in addition to Amazon’s S3 […]

Doro’s 7050 Is the Next Great Simple Phone

BARCELONA—I think I found the future of flip phones at Mobile World Congress. Doro’s 7050, coming to Consumer Cellular in May, is a well-designed traditional flip phone running a full version of KaiOS with the potential to download Google apps. For the 15 percent or so of Americans who still want a flip, it has […]

Qualcomm Pushes Broadcom to Pay Up in Acquisition Talks

Qualcomm may end up accepting Broadcom’s acquisition offer, but only if Broadcom pays up. In a Monday letter, Qualcomm’s chairman urged Broadcom to come up with a higher offer. The companies made progress on a deal during a Friday meeting, Qualcomm said, but price has been a sticking point. Qualcomm has thus far rejected Broadcom’s […]

Qualcomm Wants to Power Pricier Chromebooks

BARCELONA—Qualcomm is interested in Chromebooks, but its machines won’t be cheap. At Mobile World Congress today, Monte Giles, Qualcomm’s new director of product management for mobile computing, introduced himself as the guy for Windows on Snapdragon, Android tablets, and Chromebooks. Wait, Chromebooks? While we’ve seen rumors of Chromium repository edits, hinting that Qualcomm Chromebooks are […]

Tesla Is Cooling Down Classrooms in Hawaii

Getting kids to concentrate in the classroom is tough enough, but add in very high temperatures and the job becomes almost impossible. That’s what schools in Hawaii are dealing with: a combination of very high average temperatures and a lack of air conditioning to make sitting in class bearable. However, Tesla is now solving the […]

Citrix Wants to Make it Easier for Docs to Access E-Health Records

BARCELONA—Mobile World Congress tends to serve as a catch-all for not just new smartphones and mobile tech, but all manner of cutting-edge cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), networking, and intelligence innovations. For a company like Citrix, which offers software and services from desktop and mobile virtualization to cloud-based communications and encrypted file transfer, MWC presents […]