Chrissy Teigen Ups The Ante On The Hot Wings Challenge

Chrissy Teigen Ups The Ante On The Hot Wings Challenge

She may have regretted her decision.

She’s made it no secret that she loves food, but can Chrissy Teigen get through the hot wing challenge?

The hot wing challenge on the YouTube series “Hot Ones” (part of the First We Feast channel) is a celebrity interview of sorts, done while said celebrity eats progressively hotter chicken wings. It’s previously been attempted by celebrities like Kevin Hart, Natalie Portman and Jeff Goldblum.

Teigen hits a snag during her challenge, telling host Sean Evans that she’s actually pretty full. But, knowing how petty the internet can be, the model decides if she can’t eat anymore, she’s going to douse the remaining wings in extra hot sauce and lick it off. This would arguably mean she’s consuming more hot sauce. A bold move.

Other celebs have altered the challenge slightly, with Rachel Ray eating the sauce off spoons, and Portman using vegan chicken wings.

As you’ll see in the video above, Teigen may have regretted opting for that strategy, but she certainly maintains her internet cred.




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