Don Lemon Taunts Donald Trump Over Broken ‘Hiring The Best People’ Vow

Don Lemon Taunts Donald Trump Over Broken ‘Hiring The Best People’ Vow

“It hasn’t exactly turned out that way.”

President Donald Trump repeatedly promised on the campaign trail to build his administration with the very “best people.”

But on Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” host Don Lemon broke down why he believes “it hasn’t exactly turned out that way.”

To illustrate his point, Lemon ― who Trump attacked over Twitter last week ― noted some of Trump’s hires have become embroiled in scandal in recent months ― including former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price.

Check out the full segment below:

[email protected]: Donald Trump told us he was going to build his administration out of the very 'best people,' but it hasn't exactly turned out that way. Not only has that swamp not been drained, this administration is building all over it.

— CNN Tonight (@CNNTonight) August 9, 2018


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