Donald Trump Sparks Outrage After Calling Omarosa A ‘Dog’

Donald Trump Sparks Outrage After Calling Omarosa A ‘Dog’

“You’re an embarrassment to the nation.”

President Donald Trump faced backlash Tuesday morning after he called his former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman “that dog” on Twitter.

Trump was seemingly responding to Newman’s release of conversations that she secretly recorded during her time in the White House when he posted this tweet:

When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 14, 2018

Trump didn’t specifically name Newman in the post, but he praised the White House chief of staff for “quickly firing” her, indicating it was about the former aide.

Newman released another new tape to CBS News on Tuesday morning.

Newman is currently on a media tour promoting Unhinged, her new tell-all book about her time working for the Trump administration. She has faced accusations of hypocrisy and cashing in, given that she didn’t speak out against Trump while working for him.

Many Twitter users felt Trump’s insulting language in his latest rant ― particularly the sexist and racist term “dog” ― went a step too far:

Omg I actually had to look at his tweets. He really did call her a dog!

I don’t know why anything he says surprises me.

A new low.

Is there a rock bottom?

— Patricia Suflita Wilson (@pilarwish) August 14, 2018

“That dog”. Just…wow.

— Kirsti Melville (@kirstimelville) August 14, 2018

“That dog” wow. I’m actually shocked. Really?!

— Jessica Noah Morgan🧐 (@jnoahmorgan) August 14, 2018


— Preet Bharara (@PreetBharara) August 14, 2018

A "dog" now, is it? Christ, what a president/man/human you are

— Name cannot be blank (@pauljchambers) August 14, 2018

Hey Donald. Try to Be Best for 5 minutes.

— Karen Boyce (@karenboyce39) August 14, 2018

WOW….. A DOG..? How is this clown the Head of State? He is an embarrassment that needs to be kicked out office.

— Adewale Ogunleye, MBA (@aotheprince93) August 14, 2018

You called her a dog? What is wrong with you? You should be so ashamed of yourself.

— Roberta Chalmers (@queenbee8162) August 14, 2018

When The President of the United States Calls a Black Woman (Or Any Citizen) A Dog on Twitter, Dept:

— Tony Norman (@TonyNormanPG) August 14, 2018

Perhaps electing an Apprentice host to be President of the USA wasn't such a great idea America. He still thinks he's in his fake boardroom

— Otto English (@Otto_English) August 14, 2018

What word did you delete in your draft tweet and replace with “dog”?

— Eric Ortner (@eortner) August 14, 2018

Please remove the American flag from your Twitter page. You're an embarrassment to the nation.

— David Badash (@davidbadash) August 14, 2018

I don't like presidents* who call women "dogs".

— Aღanda (@GrnEyedMandy) August 14, 2018

Omg thats a terrible thing for you to say wow zero self control

— Margie Murdock (@margiemurd) August 14, 2018

WTF?!?!? Dog? Is this another racist dog whistle tweet? Look here, Mr. “I only hire the best people”, this whole mess is YOUR fault! Nobody else’s! You were the man in charge, and obviously, you’ve been asleep at the wheel. Gen. Kelly took a bullet for you – again.

— Debbie Russell (@eyeofthegoddess) August 14, 2018

Calling anyone, even Omarosa, a dog is unacceptable. This isn’t a good look.

— Nikki Proverbs31 (@NikkiProverbs31) August 14, 2018

Can you read what you just wrote. That is a man (maybe in your case) talking about a woman. That is disgusting language. I do not care who is right or wrong here. Just totally disgusting language from any person.

— Glen at The Food Truck Kings 👑🍷 (@FoodTruckKings) August 14, 2018

Calling @OMAROSA a dog? 😮😮😮 Smh! This is just wrong. Question #45, why you never fire anyone yourself mr big and bad??? 😳😳😳

— King KushⓂ️ (@TeamSmokie) August 14, 2018

Trading the racist dog whistle for a racist megaphone, huh Sippy Cup Caligula?

— Patrick S. Tomlinson at WorldCon76 (@stealthygeek) August 14, 2018

A dog?! You don't speak about former employees like that! Such a lack of professionalism in such an important role.

— Tina (@SpecialSBM) August 14, 2018

Wait.. did.. you.. just call Omarosa a dog ?

— Mister Bumface™ (@misterbumface) August 14, 2018


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