‘Fortnite’ is destroying marriages

A man is shown playing Fornite.

Fortnite is causing some couples to say “Game Over” to their marriages.

UK-based website Divorce Online found that since January 2018, they received 200 divorce petitions citing Fortnite, the addictive video game, for their split.

“These numbers equate to roughly 5% of the 4,665 petitions we have handled since the beginning of the year,” a Divorce Online spokesperson wrote in a press release. “It is no surprise to us that more and more people are having relationship problems because of our digital addictions.”

The viral video game is not just affecting adults. In the past year, Fortnite has become a “bizarre obsession” for teen boys.

“I am obsessed,” one 13-year-old gamer told The Post in March. “‘Fortnite’ is special. I never wanted to play so much in my life.”

In June, the World Health Organization announced that compulsive gaming is classified as a mental condition.

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