Russia Names Actor Steven Seagal Goodwill Ambassador To U.S. As Twitter Weeps

Russia Names Actor Steven Seagal Goodwill Ambassador To U.S. As Twitter Weeps

Actor hails Putin as a “great world leader;” says he does not believe the Kremlin interfered in U.S. politics.
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In the ever stranger world of politics, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has announced that action movie actor Steven Seagal has been appointed a special representative to improve Russian and U.S. humanitarian ties.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he hoped the appointment would serve as a symbol of improving the relationship between Moscow and Washington, Reuters reported.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry described Seagal’s new role as that of a goodwill ambassador charged with deepening ties between the two nations on matters involving culture, art and youth. A statement on the ministry’s Facebook page on Saturday said the position was “socio-political” and the actor would not be paid.

The 66-year-old Seagal, who was born in Michigan, might not be the most effective goodwill ambassador for Americans. He has been accused by more than a dozen women, including several actresses, of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Seagal has been a regular visitor to Russia for years, and Putin granted him a Russian passport in 2016. He’s a close friend and staunch supporter of Putin, whom he has hailed as a “great world leader.” Seagal has said he does not believe Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election.

Twitter was agog.

Steven Seagal development: Trump audaciously responds by naming Moose and Squirrel as special envoys to Moscow.

— David Spaulding (@Cuseology) August 5, 2018

Russia already gave us Donald Trump. Now they want to force Steven Seagal back on us too? Is Putin stuck in 1994?

— Matt Strausbaugh (@agentgraves13) August 5, 2018

Russia has named Steven Seagal as special representative to improve U.S. relations with Russia. In related news, there is absolutely no reason to ever do mushrooms again.

— Dan Kennedy (@DanKennedy_NYC) August 5, 2018

Steven Seagal thinks that being a humanitarian means he gets to eat people.

— RVA Dad (@JBalazek) August 4, 2018

Dennis Rodman and now Steven Seagal have become peace ambassadors? We're all either on LSD or Ashton Kutcher is gonna come out from hiding and tell us we've been punked.

— ANGRY NAVAL OFFICER (@BlueGhost40_) August 5, 2018

Dennis Rodman, Steven Seagal and Gary Busey walk into a bar………just kidding. They walk onto Air Force One

— CourtneyG (@gbpackersgal) August 5, 2018

Can we just skip ahead to where Donald Trump and Steven Seagal meet in the Oval Office to discuss world affairs?

— David Lazarus (@Davidlaz) August 4, 2018

The Steven Seagal-Dennis Rodman Summit will be epic

— lancegould (@lancegould) August 5, 2018

Nice try Russia, forget Steven Seagal. Canada has appointed intergalactic trade expert and Jedi, Hayden Christensen as special #NAFTA envoy to US.

— Neil Before Zod™ (@ThatsMrNeil) August 5, 2018

…but everyone here hates Steven Seagal…

— wedge56 (@wedge56) August 5, 2018

Any chance that Vlad thought that Steven Seagal was Sebastian Gorka?

Has anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

Could he be the ever elusive “Q”?

— suZee (@BigOlSoulSista) August 5, 2018


The world is a funny place.

— Wizard of Cause (@wizardofcause) August 5, 2018

the news: Russia appoints Steven Seagal as special representative of the U.S.

Steven Seagal:

— Siege Films (@SiegeFilms2018) August 4, 2018

So #StevenSeagal is working for #Putin as a liaison with Trump?

What layer of the hellscape are we in now?

— Victoria Brownworth (@VABVOX) August 5, 2018

It's like the plot of a….. really really bad Steven Seagal film.

— Andy Cowan (@AndyCowanIRL) August 4, 2018




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