Why Cuomo is so afraid to debate

Thursday marks five weeks since Gov. Andrew Cuomo won the Democratic primary — 35 days that he’s been dodging any debate with his Republican challenger, Marc Molinaro. What is he afraid of? His campaign not only has millions more than Molinaro’s, the gov has the edge of incumbency and a state that leans heavily Democratic: […]

China’s obscene excuse for its mass ‘re-education’ camps

China just proffered its most pathetic excuse yet for the mass detention of Muslims in far-western Xinjiang: The internment camps are actually … vocational-training centers. Please. Even more insulting: Shohrat Zakir, the region’s governor, told the state news agency the camps are free and voluntary, guiding inmates toward a “modern life” in which they feel […]

Schumer won’t admit that the Dems are abandoning Israel

Some Democrats are trying furiously to push back against a New York Times article reporting what’s been patently clear for years to any honest observer: The party is abandoning its support of Israel. “Senate Democrats are very strongly pro-Israel and will remain that way,” declared Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Would that it were so. In […]

Democrats’ Supreme Court-packing fantasy and other comments

Culture critic: Watch Out for Midterms’ Red Undertow Where Democrats were convinced Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation would turn the midterm elections’ predicted “Blue Wave Into an Indigo Tsunami,” The Washington Post’s Megan McArdle suggests it instead “seems to have produced a Red Undertow.” And that may even be “strong enough to check Democratic advances in the […]

Twitter has a huge Louis Farrakhan problem

Apparently, saying Jews are termites isn’t offensive. At least, not offensive enough for Twitter to ban Louis Farrakhan for it. The Nation of Islam leader’s history of blatant anti-Semitism goes back decades. Twitter’s even tut-tutted him for it in the past: Back in July, it took away his verified status for tweeting about “the Satanic […]