Thinx explains its $369 ‘period sex blanket’

It’s that time of the month — period underwear company Thinx has launched a new product. The company, known for its anti-leak panties, debuted its first blanket on Thursday. Its purpose: to enable lovemaking during while Aunt Flo’s in town. “Instead of putting an old towel down, why not elevate your experience?” Dani Berkowitz, Thinx’s […]

Why soccer stars are the most stylish men on the planet

Barneys creative ambassador Simon Doonan penned an ode to soccer’s most fashionable stars. Your new book, “Soccer Style,” tackles the intersection of football and fashion — from David Beckham’s sartorial rebellion to Lionel Messi’s Dolce & Gabbana suits. Why are soccer stars so stylish? They’re sample size — so they’re a perfect fit for a […]