Top 10 Night-Time Food Temptations

Top 10 Night-Time Food Temptations Most of us exhibit small gestures of self-control all day long. By the time dinner rolls around, our will power is heading towards a down slope and we experience “decision fatigue,” leading to impulsive food choices. After 9 p.m. comes the major cravings. Also the stress hormones peak at the […]

Top 10 Signs of an Eating Disorder Relapse

Top 10 Signs of an Eating Disorder Relapse Recovering from an eating disorder, can take years before one is able to live a happy and healthy life without occasionally slipping into old ways of thinking. Relapses or slip on can be a part of the recovery process, what is important is – to gain control, […]

Obesity: a risk factor for Asthma

Obesity: a risk factor for Asthma Obesity has been rapidly increasing in prevalence over the past two decades—in children as well as in adults. Although obesity is a recognized risk factor for type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and some forms ofcancer, evidence suggests that obesity may also contribute to or even cause asthma. For […]

Top 10 to Tipsthe Scale in Your Favour

Top 10 to Tips the Scale in Your Favour Bringing your fat intake to a healthy level can work wonders for your waistline. But there’s a lot more you can do to peel off those extra pounds and keep them off for good. The following strategies will help you whip youreating habits into shape and […]

TechnologyThe future of sex dollsMen’s Fitness Editors Introducing ‘virtual intercourse with real people’.

Introducing ‘teledildonics,’ the science of ‘virtual intercourse with real people’ (SFW) You probably sleep with your smartphone at arm’s reach. You might even have a Google Home or Amazon Alexa ready to answer any question. As for your frighteningly realistic sex doll? It’s about to get an upgrade. In what might seem like an alternative […]

Sexual healthPornhub bans ‘deepfake’ videosMen’s Fitness Editors Here’s what you need to know about AI-assisted fake porn.

Pornhub bans ‘deepfake’ videos that superimpose celebrity faces on adult porn actors’ bodies Tech is changing the way we have sex, view porn, and otherwise express our sexuality. Some ideas have piqued interest (sex toys that sync to interactive videos), others have raised eyebrows (frighteningly realistic sex dolls), and more recent ones have just been […]