The origins of the ‘OMG particle’

The origins of the 'OMG particle' Gamma-ray bursts from distant stars, as shown in this artist’s illustration, are one possible source of the ultra-powerful “OMG particles” that occasionally hit scientists’ detectors on Earth. Credit: NASA/SkyWorks Digital Right now, as you read this very text, your DNA is getting sliced up by tiny, invisible bullets. The […]

Waves of garbage crash ashore in stunning footage

Waves of garbage crash ashore in stunning footage close Video Volunteers struggle to clean garbage washing ashore Volunteers in the Philippines try to clear the beach of trash washing in from the ocean. Massive waves of swirling, disgusting garbage were captured on video by a college student in Manila Bay. Piles of trash, plastic bottles […]

Southern California actually ‘breathes’ water

Southern California actually 'breathes' water Credit: Bryan Riel and Mark Simons To survive, humans need to breathe oxygen. But in order for Southern California to thrive, it needs to breathe… water? Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have gathered hundreds of satellite images from 1992 through 2011. The images, turned into a GIF, show […]