Turn Your American Girl Doll Into an eSports Star

After dabbling in space exploration, American Girl dolls have a new passion: console gaming. American Girl, the beloved doll and book company, just released a new “Xbox Gaming Set,” which will transform your doll into an aspiring eSports star. And now for something completely different: You can now get an American Girl Doll with an […]

Hardkernel Launches $32 ODROID-GO Portable Gaming Kit

Hardkernel is well-known for its range of ODROID single-board computers that compete with the Raspberry Pi. But to celebrate ODROID’s 10th anniversary, Hardkernel decided to offer a brand new product that isn’t just another board. Instead, we’re getting a portable gaming kit called the ODROID-GO. It looks like a modern Game Boy, but the handheld […]

AMC Launches Stubs A-List to Compete With MoviePass

AMC Theaters’ war on MoviePass seemed to have reached a tenuous truce. As it turns out, the theater chain was simply biding its time before launching a new AMC Stubs A-List program to compete directly with the movie subscription service. AMC announcedStubs A-List as a new VIP tier of its AMC Stubs loyalty program, where […]

Bose SleepBuds Block Out Noise While You Snooze

Bose unveiled a new set of earphones today, and they aren’t meant to stream music. In fact, they aren’t meant to be used while you’re conscious at all. Bose SleepBuds are best described as smart earplugs that use wireless technology to block out distracting noise while you sleep. The SleepBuds are minimalist, wire-free earphones that […]

Instagram Gets Into Long-Form Video With IGTV

Watch out, YouTube. Instagram today launched a new app for watching long-form vertical video on your phone, IGTV. “It’s time for video to move forward and evolve,” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom (pictured above) said at the IGTV launch an event in San Francisco this afternoon. “In a world of overwhelming choice, you want the best […]

Zvox VoiceBuds Are (Not Quite) Hearing Aids

We’re most familiar with Zvox for its home theater sound systems, like the excellent SoundBase 570. The company has been making inroads in other audio areas beyond powerful soundplates, though, and showed off its newest product, the Zvox VoiceBuds, at CE Week this week in New York. Hearing aids have been treated strictly as medical […]

Hackers Try to Infect Computers That Control Satellites

Orbital satellites have become a new target for hackers using China-based computers. The mysterious group has been trying to breach satellite communications operators as part of a global cyberespionage campaign, according to security firm Symantec. The apparent aim: to take over computers installed with software that can monitor and control the satellites. “The hackers had […]