35 Percent of People Never Change Their Passwords

How often do you change your passwords? For many people, the answer is “never.” A new PCMag survey of 2,500 US consumers, conducted between June 30 and July 2, reveals that 35 percent of people never change their passwords; they only do it if they’re prompted. Twenty-seven percent said they change them several times a […]

Some Tesla Batteries May Be Illegal in the US

The booming demand for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries has placed growing pressure on manufacturers to secure sources of the common materials required to make them. Panasonic is one of those manufacturers, and it looks as though the company just screwed up and put Tesla in the firing line with the US Treasury. The batteries Tesla relies […]

Tech Giants Team on ‘Data Transfer Project’

In the future, transferring your data from one Web service to another may get a lot easier thanks to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter. The four tech giants on Friday announced they are working together on a Data Transfer Project designed to give users more control over their information. Their mission: to create an open-course […]

Microsoft Puts Over 700 Xbox Games on Sale

Microsoft just kicked off its biggest ever Xbox gaming sale with hundreds of games discounted alongside consoles, accessories, and gaming subscription offers. As Xbox Wire reports, it’s called the Ultimate Game Sale and it runs between July 19 and July 30. There are over 700 Xbox games being offered with discounts of up to 65 […]

If someone says Mr. Bean died, close the tab

Online rumors that Rowan Atkinson is dead are a hoax — to trick you into downloading a virus. The actor is alive and well, but a dangerous scam is circulating online that could end up damaging your computer. A fake “breaking news” post currently doing the rounds on social media claims the “Mr. Bean” star […]

Researchers find link between ADHD and digital media

A study released Tuesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests a direct relationship between computer screen time among teens and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The two-year study looked at a group of more than 2,500 high school students from Los Angeles whose ability to pay attention waned as they became increasingly […]