Nintendo ROM Site Owner To Pay $12 Million For Game Piracy

An Arizona man has agreed to pay Nintendo $12 million for pirating the company’s games through two ROM sites, according to court documents. Jacob Mathias and his wife will pay the huge sum for offering thousands of free downloadable Nintendo games through and, according to the settlement, which was first spotted by TorrentFreak. […]

Amazon Echo Buttons Get Much More Useful

Amazon continues to grow its range of Echo devices, but the Echo Button has been around for a while and classes as the least useful of the bunch. It was launched as a button existing mainly to act as a party game host. But that just changed and the Button is now much more useful. […]

How Does Binge-Watching Affect Your Other Habits?

Binge-watching—defined as watching two or more consecutive episodes of a show at least once a week—has become a part of our culture. Whether you watch good old-fashioned TV or you’ve cut the cord and subscribe to streaming platforms (or you’re young enough that you never watched cable TV in the first place), most of us […]

Valve Pays Hacker $20K for Bug That Generated CD Keys

Steam contained a rather serious security flaw until recently that made it possible for an attacker to generate an activation key for any game available on the digital store with no payment necessary. Luckily for Valve, a security researcher discovered the bug first and has been duly rewarded for reporting rather than exploiting it. Security […]