Why social media giants are burning through so much cash

The massive and unprecedented sell-off of social media company stocks continued on Monday — with two of the sector’s giants now firmly in bear territory. Facebook and Twitter, rocked by stagnating growth, have seen their shares tumble 21 and 29 percent, respectively, over the past three sessions. Snap, parent of Snapchat, is down 8.4 percent […]

Elon Musk sells limited edition Tesla surfboards

The latest product from Elon Musk’s Tesla isn’t just making waves — it’s riding them. After previous ventures selling flamethrowers for his Boring Company, the billionaire decided this weekend to sell surfboards for his electric carmaker. The made-to-order boards, which are black on top and red on the bottom and prominently feature the company’s logo, […]

Samsung growth slowed by sluggish Galaxy S9 sales

Samsung Electronics posted its slowest quarterly profit growth in more than a year on Tuesday as its Galaxy S9 device missed sales targets and competition heated up, casting doubt on its leadership of the smartphone market. The Apple components supplier and smartphone rival said operating profit from the mobile business recorded its steepest rate of […]

AI lab working to make robot hands act more human

Researchers backed by Tesla Inc founder Elon Musk and Silicon Valley financier Sam Altman have found a novel way to use software to teach a human-like robotic hand new tasks, a discovery that could eventually make it more economical to train robots to do things that are easy for humans. Researchers at OpenAI, a nonprofit […]

France bans smartphones and tablets from schools

Kids in France are now banned from using their smartphones in school in a bid to stop them being distracted or messing around in class. French lawmakers yesterday passed the law forbidding schoolchildren from going on their devices during breaks, in corridors, playgrounds or at lunchtime. The ban also applies to tablets, smartwatches and other […]