Mysterious catlike creature, five times size of feral cat, caught on film

Mysterious catlike creature, five times size of feral cat, caught on film

(Credit: Steven Muise)

(Credit: Steven Muise)

“It was as wide as the bonnet of my ute.”

A man has described to the Today show the moment he caught a mysterious catlike creature on film in the Blue Mountains over the weekend.

Steven Muiser spotted the massive black feline on the western side of the Cox River — opposite to where he lives.

He said it was “definitely not a feral cat” and was “probably five times that size”.

While looking at developments in the area, Mr. Muiser said his partner Belinda pointed the mysterious creature and said: “Look at that it looks like a big black cat.”

“We see feral cats all the time. We could film them all day long. That was definitely not a feral cat.”

Knowing that most people probably won’t believe him, Mr Muiser said: “You just had to have been there to see it, it was huge. It had that big cat swagger.”

He and his partner watched it for about 20 minutes stalking the top of the hill and over the side of the ridge line.

This isn’t the first time a black panther has allegedly been spotted in the Blue Mountains with an apparent rare sighting captured of the mythical beast last month.

An Instagram and Facebook page “Blue Mountains Explore” shared alleged proof in the form of a photograph snapped by “a freaked-out tourist” at the Pulpit Rock lookout, near Blackheath.

The social media group’s page manager Cody told the Kyle and Jackie O show that the backpacker who captured the picture was “unaware” he had possibly just closed the case on a long-running Aussie urban legend.

By 2010, there had been more than 460 sightings of the panther in Hawkesbury — one of the smallest towns within the Blue Mountains — with former mayor Bart Bassett one of the many believers.

Rumor has it that this giant cat has been attacking kangaroos and livestock in the region for years.

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